A note to users on reporting posts:

So I’ve noted an up-tick in posts being reported for being selfies, spam, under-age, irrelevant to the community etc. Very rarely do selfies, spam, under-age or posts irrelevant to the community get past me. In fact most times I actually approve a lot of posts. There are a number of posters who have lately had practically every post marked as spam or one of many other violations. For those of you reporting posts, be advised, as a mod I have the ability to re-approve a post that was otherwise marked as spam etc. It’s pretty tiring and dumb of some of you to go through and mark perfectly fine porn as spam. Knock it off.

As for karma-farming… This hasn’t been specifically addressed in the rules, but we do tend to remove posts from users that are nothing more than karma-farming accounts. To avoid having your posts removed, be sure to actively engage in this community as well as others.

Remember, I check the post history of every post that gets reported (unless I recognize a user who has a history of great post content) and so far a lot of great users have been getting their posts marked as spam etc.

I also see who is reporting content improperly. So if you don’t want your account banned, stop marking everything as spam etc. Otherwise you’ll be banned as well.

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