The rule specifically means users should not post images/videos of themselves. However, posting someone else’s selfie that you found hot is perfectly acceptable, provided they intended the image for distribution.

**Why is this rule even here?**

1. Self-posting creates a minefield for preventing underage content. If the gonewild subs want to do the work of searching a user’s history to make sure it’s not a teenager, that’s their cross to bear. Our mod team has neither the time nor interest in diving into that particular quagmire.
1. Self-posting often crosses the line into the NO SOLICITING rule with thirsty titles/comments like “What would you do to me?”, “Tell me what you think!” or just “PM Me!” People should be able to enjoy and comment on the content here without feeling like it puts them on the meat market.
1. Quality control. Users expect to find quality content on this sub. Before we issued the NO SELFIE rule the sub was getting flooded with grainy shots of random buttcheeks with boring titles. By forbidding Self-Posting it adds a filter so that at least one other human being had to decide the image/video was hot enough to share.

Please help us maintain TotallyStraight’s standards by reporting posts you suspect to be of the poster.

And if you’ve had a post removed because of this rule, feel free to post in one of the many subs that allow/encourage Self-Posting. Maybe someone else will admire your effort and share it here.

Thank you!