dick slip in the mall pizza place (story)

i’ve been vacationing in the dominican republic visiting my grandparents. today i took a trip to their mall and was eating at a pizza restaurant there. super casual. i hadn’t jerked off in 4 days and my balls were really heavy and my cock was really sensitive. to better the image in your mind, i’m ab 6’1” pretty average to slim build and i was wearing shorts and a crew neck. when i had finished eating and was just drinking my water i could feel more of a breeze than usual down there. i took a peak down and my hard cock was peaking out the leg hole of my shorts. to be fair they were pretty short. then i looked up and noticed a cute guy looking down at it. at that point i looked away and moved the other chair at the table so he could have a clearer view. i was so horny and my cock kept getting harder. just when i thought it couldn’t get any better, i felt something leave my dick. i reached down and felt my exposed tip only to feel precum glazing my head. when i pulled my hand up i saw some precum on my finger tips. i reached back down and at this point i was dripping. the pure feeling of doing it in public was driving me wild. there was so much precum now that when i reached down and brought my hand back up there was a string of precum connecting my cock and hand. i was so hard. i leans back and my dick was bobbing in the leg hole of my shorts. there was precum all over my shorts and some on the chair. then i got up and left. kinkiest thing ive ever done.

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