Disclaimer: I’ve changed names and some situations to make sure that all these people stay anonymous and unharassed; but otherwise, this story is 100% true. Honestly though, why do you care? Just jack off to it. That’s why I wrote it down.

In my freshman year of college I ended up in a one-room dorm with two other guys: Matt and Nathan. Matt was like a ready-made, out of the catalog frat dude – beer, sports, and pussy obsessed and never shy about it. Nathan was conservative, quiet, shy, and neat, the kind of guy that rarely wanted to party but get him in a room one on one and he’d bond with you for hours.

We became really good friends, but truthfully we didn’t hang out much together, all three of us. Nathan and I went to the gym in the mornings; Matt and I hung out and watched movies and got baked at night. Matt and Nathan were actually closer friends than I was with either of them, which was weird, considering how different they were; but they seemed to bond over video games and music and other stuff on levels I couldn’t touch. They ended up pledging the same frat, which of course brought them even closer; but then they both needed a friend that wasn’t part of the frat crowd, and I ended up being that guy for both of them.

You know that one guy from college that never seemed to learn the word “inappropriate?” Like the guy that couldn’t stop cursing in front of people’s parents, and who was always the first guy to get naked for no reason at a party? That was Matt. Like he told me a REALLY filthy farmers daughter joke within ten minutes of meeting me that first day, before he’d even got to know if I was cool. Like, who does that? Honestly though, it was one of the things I liked about Matt. He was pretty one-dimensional – no games, no drama, no passive aggressive snipes, no bullshit hidden agenda. He was just cool. Nathan…I mean I liked him too, but like he would complain about messes and weed smoke and “you’re not supposed to be doing that in the dorm,” and Matt didn’t try to fight him, he’d just be like “my bad bro.” Drama deflated. I think maybe that’s why Nathan liked him so much too.

Matt also never seemed to get the memo about hiding your sex stuff. Maybe my first clue shoulda been when he unboxed a blow-up doll in front of me literally that first night. He told me his friends bought it for him as a gag gift, but when I jokingly asked him if he was gonna use it, he just grinned and winked at me before shoving it under his bed.

The real kicker was like a week later, late Saturday night, when I came home at like 2 am to find him in front of the TV, drunk, tit flick on the screen, pants around his ankles, happily jacking off like a red-assed monkey watching The Banana Channel. I kind of expected him to freak out and cover up when I walked in, but he just looked up at me and said something like “hey bro, sorry, almost done,” and then went back to concentrating on getting himself off.

Okay, so I should mention at this point that I had had basically two gay experiences – well, a lot of gay experiences, but with two sets of guys over one summer, it’s a long story – but I considered myself “straight but open-minded.” The truth was that I was actually pretty curious about guy-guy stuff. I couldn’t be “gay” because I wasn’t girly and only girly guys are gay. But I’d gotten really interested in exploring more stuff with guys in between fucking girls, and I figured college would be the place to do both.

So when I saw Matt stroking his hard dick, I decided that wasn’t something I wanted to stop him from doing. I said something like “hey man, don’t worry about it, we all gotta get off, right? You’re probably gonna walk in on me too sometime.” And he grinned up at me and said something like “thanks man, I knew you were cool. Hang on…” and then he grunted a little, shot a load on his chest, and had me throw him a towel.

Nathan and I came back from the gym one morning a few days later to Matt stroking off his morning wood. Nathan kinda lost his shit about how weird and fucked up it was, to just do that in our room where we could see him. Matt and I both kinda responded with a “dude, it’s no big deal.” To this day I feel a little guilty about gaslighting Nathan there – it prolly wasn’t something he should have just been cool with but I made him feel like an out-of-touch asshole just to defend Matt, and I really only did that because I didn’t want Matt to stop. But after that Nathan was a lot more chill about that stuff. He even opened up later with me about sex and masturbation, which I’ll talk about later.

After white-knighting Matt…well, you know that thing where serious potheads REALLY try to get you to smoke with them as a way of bonding? Matt did that with me, but with jacking off. One morning – I guess it must’ve been a Sunday morning because that was my one rest day and I would sleep in instead of going to the gym with Nathan – I woke up to something hitting my crotch. It was some shitty pussy magazine, and Matt had thrown it at me with his free hand while the other was stroking his cock. “You better take care of that thing, it’s gonna poke someone’s eye out,” he said pointing at the morning wood tenting my boxers. I wasn’t sure I was ready to jack off with another dude, especially my roommate. Then I was like “fuck it.” He was cute, and I was horny. So I pulled down my underwear, and matched Matt stroke for stroke. We were both on floor-level beds (Nathan’s was above Matt) so we had a decent view of each other, and every once in a while we’d look over at each other and grin. For Matt I’m sure it was the chance to bond with me over this thing we both knew was kind of taboo; but for my part I was examining Matt’s body, his chest, his abs, his rock-hard dick, using him as much as I was using his magazine to help me get me off. He came first, unleashing a torrent of moans and soft curse words as he came on his chest. I finally shot my load a minute later, enjoying seeing Matt kinda half-watching me groan and ejaculate out of the corner of my eye. When I finished he threw me a towel and made some kind of crude joke, and then we both threw on clothes and went to lunch and pretended it never happened.

I guess I’m maybe painting this picture of Matt as a loser troll who couldn’t get any girls so he had to spank it all the time, and that’s so not true. Matt was actually really good-looking – decent body, beautiful black eyes, killer cock-eyed smile. He had a girlfriend he was trying to stay loyal to but she was at another college across town in a really intense program (nursing maybe?) and never seemed to have time for him. He was young, in his prime, and intensely horny, and I kind of admired him for channeling all of those hormones into becoming such a great masturbator instead of cheating on her.

Anyway, we ended up jacking off a lot together. The “early morning wood” jack off session wasn’t common because Nathan was usually home (at least at the beginning of the semester) and he got, instinctively, that I wasn’t cool with doing it with Nathan in the room, and he respected that. But pretty much any time Nathan was out or at class and we were alone in the dorm I knew he’d prolly bring it up, and I almost never said no.

Saturday night was the big night. Most parties happened Thursday or Friday so most people are done getting trashed by Saturday and they stay in; but Nathan had basketball games every Saturday night, and then would always be out late with his friends after. So it became a regular routine, Matt and I in the dark and dim light of the TV screen, slowly stroking our dicks to whatever porn we could find. He taught me a lot about jerking off. He even taught me what he promised was a sure fire way to start a jerk off session with another dude, and I’ve tried the technique he taught me about a half dozen times since and damn if it doesn’t work every single time. (Ask me about it if you’re really interested.)

Things didn’t get gayer than that for a while. Well okay, there was this one time… Saturday night, we were stroking and watching porn, as usual. Somehow we got to talking about the best positions for fucking a girl that make both her and you enjoy it as much as possible. He was trying to describe a position, basically using his hand as a pussy and thrusting his cock in an out to demonstrate it, but I didn’t understand what he was describing. And then I said something like “I mean, you could show me on Sheila.” Sheila was what we eventually named the blowup doll under his bed. So Matt takes the doll out, blows it up, gets himself hard again, and starts fucking her. And I remember watching my roommate passionately fuck this doll on his bed while I jacked off to it and thinking “fuck, I could get off just to this, what does that even mean?”

We took turns fucking Sheila over and over that night – him watching me and jacking off, me watching him and jacking off. Never at the same time, although I wish I’d asked for that, he probably would’ve been down. Finally we were both ready to burst, and we decided to turn it into a game – whoever came first had to come on Sheila’s plastic pussy, and whoever came second had to fuck her to completion using the other dude’s come as lube. I know, stupid drunk college guy hijinks. Anyway, I came first, coating Sheila’s hole with my load; Matt acted all grossed out but wasn’t about to back down, and he stuck his dick into her and fucked her with my come until he finally came himself, bitching about how warm and weird my jizz felt on his cock the whole time.

So okay, yeah, that was pretty gay. But my point is that was about as gay as things ever got with Matt until he and Nathan came home and saw me making out with a naked dude.

Let me back up. I was in this English Lit class with this guy Brian. We had to do an assignment together, and from the time we spent we became really good friends. I mean honestly he was pretty good looking which prolly influenced my wanting to get to know him, but really we clicked in a lot of ways. So anyway, I ended up spending a lot of time in his friends circle, and since I was so new and knew practically no one at college, they became my friends. And the thing I quickly learned about Brian’s friends is that they all fucked around with each other, guys and girls, usually in threeways but often in big ass parties – like if you hung out with this crowd you knew not to be at one of their parties past like 10 pm unless you wanted to see a whole lot of dick going into boys’ and girls’ pussies, mouths, and asses.

I could do a whole novel about these guys and this part of my college experience, but the main thing to get is that they trained me from a mostly inexperienced but curious noob to a multi sexual slut in like two months. I honestly tried to count once – I went from having never had a dick in my mouth to at least twelve different ones in about nine weeks’ time. It was an incredible awakening for me. Also, although everyone heard the rumors about the “don’t give a fuck” group on campus of maybe-straight guys and girls that fucked around constantly, my name hadn’t (yet) been associated with it.

So like I said, a lot of our activity outside of parties took place in threeways. This girl Becca had been trying to get me with her boyfriend Gil, and he had a roommate who wasn’t cool with seeing gay stuff happen, so they wanted to make it happen in my dorm. I checked with Matt and Nathan and they had something they were gonna go do together that night, some frat thing, and wouldn’t be back until the early morning. So I (and by “I” I really mean Becca, the real mastermind) made it happen. She had this thing where she wanted to teach a dude that hadn’t been with a lot of guys to suck Gil’s dick. I guess I sort of qualified. And yeah, it was pretty awesome. It was Gil’s first time with a dude, and his pent up sexuality meant that after a good long while of me sucking his cock it didn’t take Becca long to convince him to suck mine; and then he let me fuck her while he stood over us and watched and forced my head down onto his dick until he came, sweaty and grunting like a goddamned animal.

I don’t even remember how long we went – a few hours, but definitely not ALL night. I just know that we had all finished coming and Becca wanted to watch us make out. (Oh, you want the visual? Becca was short and petite with long red hair. Gil was a tall blonde surfer type, great body, and that dick…I mean it wouldn’t be the biggest I ever had, but it was definitely the biggest I’d had in my mouth up to that point.) So we were standing there naked, our dicks pressed together, our tongues exploring each others’ mouths. And then Matt and Nathan walked in.

Now let me just say that I complain a lot about girls and how they’re just not “with it,” and the ones that are with it are totally batshit crazy. But I’ll tell you something, if Becca was single and not married to Gil now with five kids and a strict Southern Baptist somewhere in Arkansas (swear to God) I would offer that crazy bitch my dick in marriage for what she did next. Having been the first of us to see the door open and realizing what was about to happen and that it meant I was about to be outed to my roommates in the worst possible way, what did she do? She pulled me off of Gil, spun me around to her, and planted the deepest, sexiest kiss I’ve ever had in my life into my mouth. I honestly had no fucking clue why until she finally let me come up for air, and by the time I did I was so Prozac’d out by that kiss I wouldn’t have cared if they’d walked in on me getting spit-roasted.

Then she looked me in the eyes and said something like “you’re amazing. I have NEVER been fucked like that before.” To be honest she’d been one of the first girls I’d ever fucked and I probably wasn’t that good at it. But obviously Matt and Nathan didn’t know that.

Seeing where Gil and Becca’s attention had moved, I turned, saw my roommates, and with my dick still dripping I said “hey guys, can you give us a minute?”

Seriously, pour one out for Becca. Somehow her certification of our night turned what could have been “dude are you a fag” into “DUDE YOU’RE A FUCKING STUD.” After Gil and Becca left and they came in I got grilled with questions. Who was the crazy hot girl, was the guy her boyfriend, how did this happen, did you actually do “stuff” with the guy, are you gonna do it again? I decided to tell the truth about everything EXCEPT where we met – I wasn’t ready for them to know just how much cock I’d sucked. I met the girl in class, she thought I was hot, she wanted a threeway, and she wanted her boyfriend and I to trade blowjobs as part of it. Yeah, I’d sucked dick before, but not that much (ok, I lied there too). Yeah it was fun. Didn’t mean I was gay. Hell yeah, I’d prolly do it again.

Matt’s reaction basically seemed like a low-level “holy shit that’s crazy, welcome to college” kinda thing. And at first it seemed like nothing was different. I feel like that all happened on a Monday or Tuesday, and Saturday night I came home and Matt was ready with beer and weed (a LOT of weed, and he was baked as fuck) and porn for our weekly jack off sesh, like always. But as we both got into it I started to realize that he was acting different. I was used to him cracking jokes, talking about how hot the girl in the porn was, showing me how he jacked, that kinda thing. Now he just stared straight ahead at the screen, stroking his dick. My first thought was that he was so fucked up he forgot I was even in the room; but after a while I noticed he was looking over at me, but it was more like how I’d look at him before – sideways glances where he hoped I wouldn’t notice. Fuck, I thought, he’s pissed or weirded out and our friendship is fucked up AND I might need another roommate. Trying to pull off a threeway in our dorm was a terrible idea.

Finally he spoke up, still staring at the screen, never looking me in the eye. “So can I ask you something?”


“When we jack off, do you look at my dick sometimes?”

Fuck. I prolly would have said no if I wasn’t so drunk and unprepared for the question. “Sometimes.” At least I didn’t say “sometimes I watch you jack off more than I watch the porn,” which was often.

He glanced down at my raging hard-on, then his, then back up at the screen. Silence for a while, and I wondered what he could be thinking. Then finally he croaked out words like he had to force them out of his chest. “Do you like…wanna touch it?”

“Do you…want me to touch it?” I must’ve looked kinda shocked because he kinda laughed like he was kidding, but then, “I mean like I’m not down with touching yours but if you wanna touch mine.”

Fuck it, I thought, two words that were definitely becoming a mantra. I could think of a million reasons why doing this was a terrible idea, but my curiosity and horniness were overriding all of them. I reached over and took his cock in my grip, and he made a gasping sound like I’d almost shocked him with electricity. Then using what few skills I’d picked up from the dudes in college about where the sensitive areas on their dicks were, I began stroking Matt off. He threw his mouth open and his head back in ecstasy – every once in a while he’d look back at the big titted girl getting plowed on the screen, like he knew he was obligated to look there to maintain his “dude card,” but mostly he looked down, watching his cock getting stroked like it was happening to someone else but still turning him on like crazy. Finally he just looked down at my hand stroking his dick and he began to fuck it, upward, like my hand was a pussy on a girl riding him cowgirl. That he clearly loved – he began gasping and heaving as he fucked faster and faster. Finally he rasped between staggered breath “I’m gonna nut man!” I think he said that because he figured I was gonna let go, but I wasn’t about to stop jerking him off until he came. And then he did, with a half-moan / half-cry that turned me on like crazy, huge gobs of come that splattered on his chest, on his abs, and all over my hand.

I leaned back and we both lay on the couch for a couple minutes, panting from exhaustion. Then I looked over wondering why he hadn’t said anything. He was staring off into space, looking totally vacant. I didn’t realize until that moment that he was WAAAY more fucked up than I could have imagined. He’d smoked a lot of weed that night, I just didn’t realize how much.

“Dude,” I said nervously, hoping he wasn’t gonna die or freak out or something, “Do you want a towel to clean up?”

“Yeah…I need…towel…,” he looked down dizzily. I went and grabbed a towel from his bed, and seeing that he wasn’t gonna actually take it from me, I began mopping up his jizz. He stared up at me and apparently suddenly noticing my raging boner said almost apologetically “oh no, you didn’t finish…” and he wrapped his hand around my cock, and we both watched silently as he milked a huge drop of precum out of it.

Don’t take the fact that I stopped him as any kind of sign that I was a good person. I wasn’t. I stopped him because at that point I realized he was legit fucked up, and he might tell everybody I raped him or something if he sobered up and remembered; I figured if I stopped him myself that meant he couldn’t say I’d planned to get him messed up and molest him. Also, if I really was a good guy I would’ve stopped him immediately instead of what I did, which was to let him play with my cock for a couple seconds before I came to my senses. Instead I finished toweling him off as quickly as I could and I said something like “I need to get you to bed.” And he consented to let me help him stand, but as he did, he leaned his naked body into mine, our dicks barely touching, and grinned at me like a douchebag. “You like touching my body don’t you?” I didn’t know what to say, so I said nothing, and that stupid grin got bigger and goofier. “It’s cool bro, you can do whatever you want to me,” he insisted as I directed him to his bed. He fell into it face up, his dick starting to inflate again. He grabbed the base of it, looked me dead in the eyes, and sounding as sober as possible said “you wanna suck it?”

And then his eyes fluttered and he passed out. I covered him with a blanket, hoping to god he either didn’t remember the night or at least remembered liking what happened. Then I jacked myself off because GOD FUCKING DAMMIT I WAS HARD. I feel like it took me three strokes before I busted into Matt’s towel, threw it on the floor, and passed out myself.

I woke up sometime the next morning to Matt saying “dude, are you awake?” (I was literally five feet from him sleeping.)

“Yeah.” I sat up to see what expression was on his face. It seemed kinda blank, honestly. Hard to read. He wasn’t really looking me in the eye though.

“Last night was kind of weird huh?”

“Yeah, I guess so. How much do you remember? You were kinda fucked up.”

“Most of it I guess.” He got kinda quiet for a second. “Are we cool?”

HOLY SHIT WAVES OF RELIEF. I didn’t know what he remembered, but he was cool with it. I grinned, and I was probably friendlier-sounding than I meant to be. “Dude, I had fun.”

He grinned back, and chuckled a little bit. Then he got this kind of conspiratorial look on his face, glanced at the door – Nathan was at the gym, no question, I’m sure that’s what he was thinking of – and then he lifted his blanket and sheet so I could see that he was HARD AGAIN. Fuck. Blood started running south to my own dick and my brain lost control of my eyes as they scanned his naked body. “You like lookin at it?” He half-whispered. I shrugged, still kind of timid. “Show me yours,” he insisted. I threw off my covers, and although I was wearing briefs it was pretty clear that my dick was growing to attention. He smiled broadly. “You totally get turned on looking at me.” I must’ve looked pissed at that or something (it did make me a little uncomfortable) because he said “No no, it’s cool. I kinda like it.” He looked down at his raging hard-on, and back up at me. “Wanna do last night again?”

Of fucking course I did.

As I got up a bit unsteadily and climbed into his bed, he grabbed a tit magazine that was lying somewhere on the covers and hadn’t been thrown off. He flipped it open on top of the covers over both of us so we could both read it. I felt my way down his body, across his thigh, and into his rock hard erection with my left hand, grabbing my own throbbing dick with my right. I figured he was just looking for me to jerk him off again, so I was actually kind of shocked to feel his hand replace mine on my dick. He didn’t even acknowledge that he was doing it – above the covers it looked like we were having a regular j/o session, looking at tits, cracking jokes, although maybe a little closer than we should be; underneath, we were stroking each other’s dicks furiously until I came, and then he did shortly after.

That turned out to be his favorite new activity for a long time – the two of us under covers, jacking each other off. He admitted once that it was easier to do things that way when he was the least bit sober – it was like on some level he was enjoying the weird taboo of playing with another guy’s dick, but then if it got too weird he could pretend he was jacking himself off. And he was ALWAYS wanting it. Basically any time we knew Nathan wasn’t gonna be in the dorm and we were both awake and together for like a thirty minute period, I knew he’d wanna fuck around. If we had time he’d do the covers trick, but if we only had a short time he’d start playing with my crotch, and I knew he wanted me to “help him out.” I’d get behind him, unzip his fly, pull out his cock, and quickly give him an orgasm. In these fast sessions he wouldn’t exactly ignore me – he’d reach a hand in to my underwear and stroke me while I did it – but his heart wasn’t in it then. He really just wanted me to get him off. This was when I discovered that Matt had a bit of a narcissistic streak; he knew I loved playing with his dick and I’d never say no to the opportunity. That actually made me kind of uncomfortable – the only times I’d ever been with dudes I’d either been the dominator or it was a mutual thing, and I was never good at being the “beta.”

He was a totally different person when we had a few hours to ourselves and he got really drunk and blazed. That was usually just Saturday nights, but I looked forward to those weekends. With his inhibitions stripped away, he got super physical. He decided that he was curious about seeing Gil and I making out, and wanted to try it, and it ended up being one of his favorite things. We’d spend an hour or two sometimes exploring each other’s mouths, slowly stroking each other. Sometimes he was curious about how I learned where his nerves are to make him his orgasm as intense as I could, and he got me to teach him how to find the same spots on my body. Like I said, he was only ever this…sexy, I guess?….when he was really fucked up. I looked forward to those fucked up times.

If you’ve read this far (wow, and you haven’t come yet? I’m impressed.) and you’ve been with a few straight guys, you’re probably wondering why I never waited until he was really horned up and then sucked his dick. I should’ve. I wanted to. I imagined it a lot. But you have to understand, this was the first “curious straight guy” experience I’d ever had. (Ok, there was one other one-night experience at a party. Fuck, I need to tell that story.) I didn’t know all the basic tricks I know now, and it would be a while before I could read all the cues and recognize when a dude was so hot that he’d basically be down for anything that felt good. In fact, I’m embarrassed to admit that he decided to make the first move before I did, AND I didn’t even take the hint. At first.

It was a weird evening, not a Saturday but we knew Nathan wasn’t gonna be home all night for some reason. He didn’t wanna get fucked up because it was toward the end of Fall Semester and he was afraid to fail some class. So he put on one of my vids and we stroked each other under the covers. This video was like a blowjob compilation (remember, he picked it) and it seemed to spark his curiosity about blowjobs. What was it like to have a dick in your mouth? Did it feel the same when a guy does it as when a girl does it? Did I get face fucked? Did I swallow? I’m sure you’re seeing where this is going, which makes it kind of pathetic that I didn’t. I dutifully answered his questions and just agonized over how much I wished he wanted me to suck his dick.

Then he suggested we flip into a 69 position, something new and different, and I was down for it. As I positioned my head toward his crotch and began jacking him off, I became aware of a wetness in my crotch that seemed out of context and confusing, like when you don’t recognize your teacher at first when you see him at the grocery store. So I looked down at my dick and I realized that, holy shit, Matt’s mouth was wrapped around the head. Yeah, how did I miss that he was curious about a blowjob with me?! Oh well. His cock was in my face, and now it’s like I had permission to do what I’d wanted for a while now: explore it with my mouth.

As I began to lick and suck on him, first the head and then down the shaft and then to swallow his cock to the base, what little capability he had before to suck my cock started to diminish quickly in favor of gasps and moans. He stroked my dick, and sometimes he returned to suck on it, but he was a lot more interested in what I was doing to him. This is something I’ve come to notice about SO many curious straight guys, in fact practically all the straight guys I’ve been with more than once or twice – they are super turned on by the IDEA of giving head to another guy, but then they do it and suddenly realize it’s a lot more work and a lot more “weird” than they thought, and especially if they’re with a dude that’s perfectly happy giving them a mind blowing blowjob and not really requiring anything back, why bother? In fact Matt, and a lot of those straight dudes, did this thing where they’d sometimes forget they didn’t like doing it, and every other week or so they’d try again: suck it for a couple minutes, then give up and finish jacking you off while they enjoyed receiving. There are exceptions – sometimes if a dude is super competitive or feels really obligated for some reason he might do it enough to get good at it, and then he’ll come to really enjoy it. But for the most part, for a straight dude anyway, it’s like climbing Mount Everest – you just think about how awesome it’s gonna be at the top but then you start and suddenly you’re like “dude, I didn’t realize I’d be doing all this fucking CLIMBING.”

Where was I? Right. I was sucking Matt’s dick. After a short time (Matt really never needed that long to come) he said “dude, pull off before I nut in your mouth.” Heh. He had no idea. I repositioned him on the couch so that I could look up and see his face, and then I went back to town on his dick, grabbing his asscheeks as a way of saying “fuck that, ahma swallow.” (Did he tell me once that his girlfriend never swallowed? I think so. I might’ve made that up in my head.) In seconds he came, gasping loudly, painting the inside of my mouth and throat with his come.

I wanted to see his face because…I mean seriously, I wish I could bottle the looks he stared into me when I got him off. Like I’m getting hard right now remembering it. It was this magic combination of starry-eyed wonder and shock and vulnerability and ecstasy…I’ve never seen a guy or girl do anything quite like it, but it was such a satisfying look that it made giving him the most explosive possible orgasm a serious goal.

And it’s a good thing that was my goal because sucking his dick became his, and my, preferred activity. He was never comfortable even talking about it outside of “home base” (although sometimes he’d hint that he was “tired” and wanted to “chill” back at the dorm, and I knew what that meant) but in the privacy of our room and with Nathan gone he’d want me to “take care of it.” My favorite times, and I think his, were when Nathan was gone and I could wake him up in the morning with a blowjob, a special treat I learned from my friend Rob, who someday I’ll tell you about. Other times we’d only have a few minutes after class or before one of his frat things, and he’d pull it out and beg me for servicing without even getting his pants all the way off, like a truck stop blow-n-go, always with that amazing look of ecstasy that made it worthwhile.

Granted he was committed to getting me off too – we were good friends, after all – and although he didn’t spend that much time sucking my dick he actually got pretty good at jerking me off, getting a sense of the rhythms and pressure points that got me off explosively. But the truth is I’m sure he figured out pretty quickly that he could have gotten away with just having me suck him off all the time, and to his credit he was committed to being a bro and making sure I got off when I wanted to. I guess I got kinda spoiled for my first time, side-chick wise. Most amazing, I think, is that Nathan never found out, until almost the very end of the year, and only because I let him. Which is actually pretty impressive, considering Nathan and I were hooking up most of that whole time, too.

That’s right, here’s where you say “bullshit” and walk away from the screen. But I SWEAR to you it’s true. It’s just gonna take some explaining. And I’ll have to do all that in another post.