Hi, I wanted to write about this to connect with anyone who’s in a similar situation like me. This story happened to me, everything I share is real only I changed the names.
I’m Tyler, between 5’8″ and 5’10”, 65kg, European kiwi and gay. I won’t reveal my hair or eye colour for anonymity reasons. My brother-in-law’s name is Rogan, he’s between 6’0 and 6’3, European kiwi, good solid body, in his late 20s, straight married to my sister. Rogan and I like to play video games and watch rugby together. He’s pretty sweet to be around. He has a job and I’m in high school.

I’m out about my sexuality to everybody. They’re cool about it. I’m not keen on making this a long detailed post, but one night we were watching the rugby game and my sister has gone to bed, they told me I can sleep since I was drinking and it was late. So, Rogan and I stayed on the couch, I had 2 shots of tequila and a beer in me, as to my recollection Rogan had about 3 beers and 2 shots. Commercial hit, we decided to down 2 more shots before Rogan started talking about a girl that was on TV. One thing lead to another, he starting mentioning how it’s been long since he had good sex. We talk about sex to the extreme of what we like, but it’s not a main topic for us. He likes to recall of his past sex life to me and I do too sometimes. He gets curious about gay sex and sometimes asks random questions that’s commonly asked by straight guys. This time the talk progressed to more, it lead to how he hasn’t had a good root for awhile, then describing what he’d like to do to that girl if he wasn’t married. I was getting a little turned on, I enjoy hearing straight guys comment on what they like to do to a girl. I was semi but not hard yet.
I remember pushing to talk more but not in an obvious way, when commercial were over they zoomed on couple of hotties. I get turned on by rugby shorts and then I commented on how big and muscly the guys are and how good they look in shorts. I was a bit talkative where normally I don’t since straight guys get repulsed by this kind of talk, lol. To my surprise, he was going with it.

I remember him asking me what I like about those guys, which I answered. I then told him how I’d worship a specific guy’s cock before I let him fuck me doggie. At this point, I was sporting a hardy. Rogan noticed it and I was a bit tipsy to care, we both gave a small laugh and continued our convo. He then asked me, do you like big cock? I said of course, his response was huh! As I recall. Then said, uncut or cut? I said both are fine, but I prefer uncut. I saw him adjusting his crotch then the questions kept going, where it landed on blowjobs and how he hadn’t gone one for a long time and said that I hear guys are good at it. Then eventually, he checked my boner again and said I’m fucking turned on ah. I said me too, and laughed a little. He then said wanna watch porn? I think your sister is sleep I can check if you want to watch? I nodded. We briefly watch girl on girl, as I was thinking this might be a chance to see his dick and even get to suck or touch it. He’s pretty good looking and I saw him shirtless few times and always thought my sister is lucky. He then started talking dirty and moaning whilst rubbing his pants. I was doing the same, he was fast forwarding then I chimed in saying we could try watching gay porn if he liked and see if he enjoys it. He said fuck nah mate might not turn me on. I said well give it a try and he replied with okay, since I’m horny as fuck. He gave me the tablet and to switch to gay porn and I put on a blowjob video. He was quiet for a wee bit then fascinated by the guy’s skill.

By this point, our dicks were out and I got to see his for the first time hard. He turned to me and said you like what you see? I said fuck yeah, how big are you? He said I didn’t know, maybe 8″ and I replied my sister is lucky. He chuckled and said wanna give it a try? I remember my hands were shaking and my heart was racing I could hear and feel my ears palpating. His cock was uncut, trimmed and seemed 7.5″ to me , cuz I’ve seen an 8″ before and this looked slightly shorter but thicker. Not a mouth full thick though. I touched it and he let out a small moan. He would moan every time I rub the precum around the frenulum and tease it with my finger. He then said suck it and I just went down and sucked the cum out. It all happened pretty fast, I only licked his balls couple of times and focused on his shaft until he came down my throat. I swallowed quickly didn’t taste it. I was disappointed that it happened fast. He said thanks mate and he said that he needs to go to sleep now. I stayed and wanked and came twice. Couldn’t believe that I sucked Rogan’s cock.

Morning was fine, he was a little distant. Eventually, I talked to him quickly as I was passing by. He told me that he loves my sister and he doesn’t want her to know I said that’s okay with me. He said that felt different, asked was it a good different feeling? He nodded but wanted to be vague. Less than two weeks passed, we were in the back getting the BBQ ready cuz it’s summer and the weather was warm at the time. It was me and him, I showed up early to their house as I wanted to be alone with him and see what could happen. My sister was in the kitchen so we got to talking and he vaguely mentioned how he could use a blowjob one day and said it with a wink. Later that same day, he excused himself to get something from upstairs and I followed then I went straight up to him and told him if you want that blowjob you have a good chance now that everyone is busy eating and talking. He had a sexy grin on his face and said you’r keen for that cock ah. He unzipped and took it out, he wasn’t wearing any underwear. Just rugby shorts I sucked it good this time in day light. At one point he wanted to try fucking, said he never fucked an arse before. I wasn’t ready so I told him maybe next time. He said cheeky bastard you’re just hungry for my cock ah. He came, I got to taste it this time, it wasn’t bad. I like cum so I swallowed it.

I remember less than a week later, we met up. It was on a weekend, I knew my sister was going to my parents’ and he’d have his mates over, so I showed up he was surprised to see me and had a cheeky grin on his face. I pretended that I wanted to say hi to his mates as I know some of them. Few had gone home and only 3 left, they were playing rugby on PS4, I joined and this time I was anxiously waiting for them to leave because I was ready for a fuck if it came to it. After they all left, he texted my sister to let her know he’ll pick her up when he drops me off after the guys leave, sooner after I was bent over the couch getting fucked raw after sucking his cock. He didn’t have condoms or lube, we used his spit instead. It was amazing, I’ve only been fucked raw once, it was my first time. It felt fucking hot as and we both shot quickly. He washed up quickly, but I didn’t I wanted to keep his cum inside me until I get home. On the way to my parents’ house, I sucked him off, he was surprised by my move, but couldn’t get him to cum fast as he was getting close to orgasming again as we got closer to my house. I didn’t stop wanking feeling his cum inside me and reading his text “Was awesome bj but gutted for not cumming ah”. I think my sister got a good fuck that night. This started in late November and we meet 3 times a week, where he either fuck me or I suck his dick.

I’m liking this arrangement and I want to keep going, he wants it too as he doesn’t think this is cheating. We’re careful around each other and the last week we decided to do it in a motel room to be safe. Please respectfully share your thoughts and/or your experience if you’ve done something similar with a brother-in-law.