I moved into my apartment nearly a month ago into a new city out west. I never lived or even went out west and so I wanted roommates that I could hang out with. There’s a Facebook group for people moving in and so I started to ask for roommates (male) who would wanna househunt with me. I find one, named John, who tells me he also contacted another guy named Andy. I was happy I found two guys who seem great and we leased our apartment.

It was move in day and John and I moved in within an hour. Andy was going to come the next day so we wanted to set everything up so we wouldnt have three people moving in at once. We didnt have much stuff to move in (except John who came from Washington state). I came first and started to unpack my stuff when suddenly, I heard the door unlock. I was excited to see someone who I’d call my roommate for the future. I’ve usually had either really good or really bad roommates so I hoped John was good. He opened the door and I saw him.

He was a bit underwhelming from his facebook. He was a bit shorter than I thought and had a sorta average face. Still, pretty attractive, I thought. We moved in and bonded a little over baseball. The next day when Andy arrived, we all hung out for a bit and found out all three of us play baseball.

Andy was overwhelming from John and my expectations. We thought he’d be a skinny nerd but turns out he’s a buff bodybuilder dude. He’s attractive too, of course but I didnt think it much.

A few weeks pass and I notice a sort of dynamic going on between us three. Andy and John bond over sports since I’m not a huge fan of watching sports. John and I bond over random stuff and Andy and I bond over being from the East Coast. Andy and I talk about music a lot and John and I talk about work mostly. Still, I discovered I have a better relation with each than them with each other. We’re all still friends, though, I assume.

It’s a hot night and our AC is broken. Andy turns on his fan and sits in front of it the entire night much to John and my amusement. I just suck it up and sit near the ceiling fan but John gets fed up and goes upstairs. I thought he was gonna go to bed but instead, he walks down in his boxers and an unbuttoned plaid shirt. Andy jokes about John trying to make moves on us and we laugh but I felt something.

That was when I noticed how *good* John looked. His legs were perfectly sculpted and his chest had just the right amount of hair. He had a flat stomach and a decent chest. He was a lot cuter than I thought he was. I shuddered past the thought as we started playing cards.

Flashforward a few more nights of either a broken or barely working AC and I got used to seeing John in his boxers and unbuttoned plaid shirt. Andy and I kept on our clothes since I guess we’re both from strict Catholic families. I notice I try to spend more time with John when he’s in his exposed state.

After maybe a week, the AC is fixed and we have a functional cooling system. Andy stops sitting in front of his fan, I open the blinds, and we stop complaining about the heat. John, however, doesnt start wearing clothes much to my satisfaction. I notice especially that when Andy isnt home, John is almost always in his boxers. Sometimes when we’re on our laptops in the living room, I put on my headphones and have the back of my laptop facing John so I can take glimpses of him laying on the couch.

He always puts his left leg on top of the cushions and the right leg bent on the seats. He rests his head on the handrest. He has brown hair sort of in a old Justin Bieber swoop (I made sure to make fun of him for that). He always keeps a rough stubble and always wearing plaid boxers and a plaid unbuttoned shirt. His legs are marvelously covered with fine black hair. I think to myself how sexy he’d look in baseball pants. His stomach rises and falls as the shirt drops to the ground. The laptop on his stomach rises and falls and I notice a few smiles from his face. I enjoy these moments a lot.

Now just a few days ago, Andy went on a conference in Indianapolis. John and I were gonna be alone for a week. I’d usually come home first and I’d see John come home from work. He looks really unimpressive in clothes and I notice how he’s probably the first person I ever knew who looks hotter with less clothes (I kinda like the ‘its left to the imagination’ idea, im weird). I sat in the eating room facing our stairs and purposely ate slowly to watch him step down in his beautiful boxers displaying his sexy legs. In cue, I hear the footsteps and expect him to walk with little clothes on with his laptop which he did.

We got in our couch positions and started watching netflix or doing work (I never knew what John did). As I take a look at John, he says to me:

“You know, I notice u looking at me.”

I freeze. I never told my roommates that I was bicurious and didnt like telling people.

“Nah, I was just judging ur clothings haha” I let out a nervous laugh.

“You know you could just have told me you were gay.”

“I’m not gay though.”

“Dont lie, I pay the internet bills and one time, I saw some gay porn website on the history. I know it’s not Andy.”

“I’m not gay, dude.” I reply now a little offended that he assumed my sexuality based off of one search.

“Nah it’s alright. I dont hate, I’m from washington remember?” He laughed. Of course I knew he didnt hate. *Everyone* in Washington is liberal. I always imagined him chopping wood in his boxers and shirt in Washington.

“I’m bicurious, John.” I replied.

He raised his eyebrows still glued to his screen. “Oh? You ever messed around with a dude before?”

“Not really.”

“Have you ever thought about it?”

“Yeah, just dont know with who”

John shut his laptop screen and looked at me giving me a goofy smile. “Why not me?”

I can feel myself blushing. “Nah man, that’s weird.”

“Why?” He said as he stood up and stretch. He walked up towards me and looked down at me sitting on my chair.

“I notice you looking. You can see it if you want. I wont tell Andy.”

I look up at him and see his cute face. I wanted it so badly so I grabbed his hips. “You sure?” I ask

His smile widens and I pull his shirt off. His torso was beautiful. Just a perfect amount of hair lined up from his crotch to his shoulders. His arms were decent and his armpits had a good amount of hair. I felt his back as I slipped my hands in the back of his boxers. “Oh, what’re you doing there?” He playfully said.

“Shut up.” I reply.

I pulled down his boxers and looked at his cock. It was average was nice. His crotch had a beautiful bush of black pubes that looked like a mane on his cock.

“Now you show me.” He said as he forced me to stand.

I’m easily 5 inches taller than him and he helped me out of my clothes. I was rock hard at this point and looking straight at his beautiful legs.

“You really like my dick dont ya?” He asked as he felt me.

“Your legs.” I awkwardly replied. I was so overwhelmed.

He started to kiss my chest. I was sorta surprised but it felt good. He gave me cute glances as I toyed around his boyish hair as he kept kissing. Suddenly, he put my dick in his mouth.

It felt so good but knowing that **he** was sucking my dick made it better. He looked up with his goofy smile once in a while as I had to control myself to not finish. After a bit, he said “your turn.”

I pulled him up and pushed him onto the couch. He fell and gave his goofy smile again. I kiss his chest as he pulls my face and kisses me in the mouth. I relax and kiss him back.

But I wanted his legs.

I stopped kissing him and move downwards. I kiss his chest, then his stomach, then kissed his groin before skipping his dick and giving him a taunting smile. I start kissing his thighs.

They were strong and he flexed them in pleasure. I kiss every inch of his muscular thighs and moved to his calves. They were so muscular and perfect. He always wore flip flops when we’d go outside for non-work stuff and I remembered how sexy he looked in flip flops. I go down to his legs before reaching his feet.

Disclaimer: I hate feet fetishes. I think feet are gross and never been attracted to them.

Still, his feet were the most beautiful I ever saw. In the past month, I’ve looked more at his feet than everyone else’s feet combined. They are so perfect. I suck his toes as he lets out a “oh-ho!”

I get up and lean into him as I rub my dick on his feet. He rubs my dick by moving his feet as I suck his dick. He pulls me up after sometime and kisses me as i rub my dick on his.

I was crushing the poor guy. I was easily covering his entire body as I felt his heat on me. He started to feel my dick and jacked himself with the other hand. He looked into each others’ eyes, heavy breathing, feeling each other, rubbing against each other, and jacking off. I came first as I grabbed his thighs. He let out a goofy laugh as I cummed on his thighs (that how short he is). He slowly started to get close and also cummed but on his chest.

I laid on the ground as he was on the couch.

“That was fun.” I said as John replied with a “mhm”

He got up and walked to the downstairs bathroom, starting the shower. He left the door open as he showered (he never does that). I hope we get to do things like this more often but definitely not with Andy in the house. He’s still totally straight and I’m still closeted bicurious but i hope we can still have some fun. I’d love to feel his feet and thighs again. So perfect…

I guess we bonded as roommates.!