Sorry this took so long – I’ve been swamped, and also I got like 80% of the way through writing a first draft and then I realized I was misremembering stuff. Happens sometimes. So I restarted. Hopefully it’s worth it.

Standard disclaimer applies: although I’ve changed some details about the people and the situations just enough to make them unrecognizable, it’s a 100% true story. However, ahma amp up my disclaimer and my edits a bit for this one, because 1) Nathan is a redditor and 2) spoiler alert, but of all the dudes I’m gonna write about he’s definitely in the top five of “guys that are probably subscribed to a subreddit like this.” I’m not saying he’s definitely gay or even bi, but… well, you can decide for yourself, and I’m sure you’ll have strong opinions. And hey man, if you ARE reading this and you somehow still recognize yourself, I hope you’ll at least appreciate that there’s no way in Hell anyone else will.

First of all, if you haven’t read the story about me and Matt, go do that. It introduces and explains a lot of what happened with Nathan, and some of this won’t make sense without it. But also I feel like you need a little more background on how I got to this point sexually. Like if you read my story with Matt you may have it in your head that I was some beta-level perv hoping that a curious straight dude would pull me out of my shell, and that’s like the opposite of who I was.

I had basically three sexual experiences with girls in college, and they were all pretty disastrous (well, one really drunk handjob that was pretty awesome from this girl Gina, but there was SO much drama there.) But moreover, they all felt like a crazy lot of work that I didn’t wanna have to deal with over and over again to keep getting laid. Also I was super focused on getting out of my neighborhood and into college, so I told myself that I was gonna hold out for college-level girls and just spank it until I got there.

Then I had two pretty insane gay experiences in that summer between high school and college. Without ruining them too badly because I do plan to tell those stories someday 1) this guy Rob paid me to sexually humiliate his “boy” Steve several times, and 2) largely because of that experience I convinced my best friend to basically help me do the same thing to another dude. And both of those humiliated guys not only (apparently) loved it but they (like me) self-identified as straight. So my entree to sex with dudes told me that there were dudes out there, straight or gay, just begging for some guy to alpha them into getting on their knees and blowing you. They might fight it a bit in the beginning, but that’s just fear and society telling them it’s wrong, and once you get them over that you can pretty much have any dude swinging on your cock. And frankly, demanding a dude suck your cock with no strings attached felt SO MUCH EASIER than dealing with the bullshit that came with the girls I’d been dealing with up to that point. So I carried this cocky attitude into college with me. A lot of it got unlearned once I finally met Brian’s friends and learned 1) there are some pretty awesome girls out there, rare as they may be; 2) that yeah, a lot of dudes are down to suck me off but that it’s generally more complicated than I thought, and besides 3) I actually kinda liked sucking dick too. But my point is that I was a cocky, swaggering bastard for those first months, and Nathan got caught directly in those crosshairs.

Seriously, I feel bad for Nathan. He came from this super-strict Catholic family that taught him that EVERYTHING of “the world” was sinful, especially sex of any kind, and he was homeschooled his whole life to prevent him from accidentally learning otherwise. To his credit he figured out that most of what his parents taught him was bullshit, but he made it to college a lonely, confused virgin with very little idea of exactly how sex was supposed to work. Worse, homeschooling had made him incredibly socially awkward, especially around girls, and it was kinda heartbreaking to see how quickly he struck out just by opening his mouth. He would often do this thing where he’d get really loud and boisterous when he got excited about something, then he’d realize he’d overstepped and gotten cringy, and then he’d shut down and wouldn’t talk again for hours. It was a shitty spiral of social awkwardness, and Matt and I determined early on to try to fix it. For Matt, that instinct was basic “bro” kindness – that’s who Matt was. For me it was more. If you could get past his awkwardness Nathan was actually pretty attractive in a naive, confused, virginal way – a tall, lean Italian with dark olive skin and enormous green eyes that seemed to reveal everything he was feeling, especially the wonder of something new. He was eager for friends and seemed like he’d be willing to do anything a new friend asked of him. In short, Nathan’s attractive innocence unleashed the older brother but also the alpha horndog in me – I was determined to protect him and help him transition to the real world but there was also a part of me that wanted to sexually exploit his naivety as far as I could before he learned how to say “no” to me.

Oh hey, I guess I need to explain the gym too. So before I got there, everyone at college worked out in this relatively old, pathetic space in the basement of one dorm that was constantly overcrowded. There were like three racks and benches, no cardio, a lot of weights were missing, and a lot of what was there was rusty. A lot of people just ignored the space in favor of local private gyms. The year I started they opened a new gym that was like eight times as big and had tons of cardio machines. So noobs went to the new space because of all the cardio, and serious gym rats either packed into the new space or shelled out for a private gym. The old space still existed, but since there were much better options it was ALWAYS empty. Brian clued me into that space the first week of classes – it’s how we first met. Since I was trying to save money, I decided to make it my private gym, which meant I had a fairly decent if older rack/barbell/dumbbell set (for people that knew what they were doing), as well as a private locker room and shower. In that whole first year I think I saw maybe six people walk in. Otherwise, I was comfortably alone.

Well, except for Nathan. I think I’ve mentioned before that, for some reason I still don’t quite get, dudes tend to mancrush on me. Nathan was no exception, and between the mancrush and his nervousness and naivety he followed me around like a puppydog for a while. I finally nicely put my foot down – he could come with me to the gym in the mornings if he wanted, but otherwise I needed some time “to myself.” For him it meant getting up earlier than he would have wanted, but he was of course totally down to go to the gym with me. Part of my motivation for bringing him on as my gym partner was altruistic – he was thinnish but had the kind of great genetics where muscle still showed through pretty well, and I knew if I taught him to lift and he kept at it I could turn him into a stud. Part of it was a little selfish – it’s nice to have your own pet spot in a secluded gym with no trainer. And part of it, I started to get, was animal – getting him alone meant I could explore just how blindly he was willing to go along with whatever I said and did without anyone intervening or questioning me and bursting my predatory bubble.

The first morning he worked out with me was a Monday before classes, and I’d already planned to shower and go straight from the gym to my first class, but I bet that this was something he didn’t think through well enough. Sure enough, when we’d finished lifting I headed for the locker room. “You coming?” I turned to ask a confused Nathan, and he dutifully followed. I’m not sure he even knew what was back there.

I made idle conversation about our first impressions of college and classes as I began to disrobe like it was the most common thing in the World. I kept my attitude casual but I was watching his face intently, and like I said, he had those eyes that made it impossible to hide what he was thinking. “Is he getting naked? Of course he is, dummy, it’s a locker room, people change in here. This is normal for most people. Go with it. Oh shit, he’s taking off his underwear. Don’t look at his dick, don’t look at his dick. Ok, look at it, but not when he can tell you’re looking at it.” Like seriously, I’m sure he thought he was sly but his curiosity and his every move were impossible for him to hide. After I pulled my underwear down and off I looked away for a second for some reason, and watched out of the corner of my eye as he quickly examined my dick. I wondered if it was the first one he’d ever seen besides his own.

Then I grabbed a towel and some soap, turned to him, and feigned some surprise. “Dude, aren’t you gonna shower?”

He shrugged, looking a little sheepish. “I guess I didn’t think I’d need to.”

“Yeah, you do. You don’t want people in class to think you stink. Hang on, I brought an extra towel a couple days ago…” because of course I did. I opened another locker and pulled it out and threw it at him. “Hurry up man, we’ve only got like a half hour.” I acted like this was the most obvious and uninteresting part of the morning, but I was quietly enjoying this moment of awkwardness, standing there fully naked and watching while (maybe for the first time outside his family) he stripped off his shirt, shorts, and finally his underwear. I finally got my first sight of his dick before turning away and pretending I hadn’t seen – it was small and shriveled at the moment, but of course it was, he was really not prepared for this.

You may be wondering if I was getting hard in front of him, as turned on as I was by how easy it was to get him naked and how awkward I could tell the situation was making him. I was pretty much at quarter-mast most of the time I was naked around him, but I figured he didn’t know any better and just assumed I had a much bigger dick than him. I thought about what might happen if I got so turned on that I was fully hard, which is exactly what happened as we went together to the shower area, a maybe five foot square stall with four shower heads that nonetheless was never really meant for four dudes at once unless they were all inside each other. I decided it was easier not to fight an erection and just pretend it wasn’t happening or wasn’t weird, and if he asked, just come up with some excuse about testosterone doing that after a workout, which if you lift a lot you know is actually true. He didn’t ask me about it (not for a while anyway), but I enjoyed his naive confusion as he drank in the sight of my hard-on when he thought I didn’t notice. I kept the conversation going like our showering together was the most natural thing in the world; which, to be honest, it was. Ok, I may have soaped my dick up a bit in a way that was little too much like jacking off for him to ignore.

We toweled off and put on our clothes and went to our respective classes, but I could barely concentrate from how turned on I was and how easy it seemed to get Nathan to do whatever I wanted and how sexually dominant that made me feel. Luckily I had an hour between my first and second class and I knew no one was in our dorm, so I went back there and quickly yanked myself off. Fuck that felt good.

In those first couple weeks I was mostly interested in seeing how often I could get Nathan naked. He learned to bring his own towel and change of clothes with him so I knew that showering was part of our regular ritual. But beyond that, I wanted to see how often I could push him to accept nudity as a regular part of our gym time, to see if I could make it something that happened often enough that it didn’t make him awkward and maybe I could see him start to get hard. Remember, this was one of my first gay experiences, and now I could probably come up with a lot of easy excuses to make us both naked; but back then I wasn’t quite sure how to pull it off (pun intended). I did have the good sense to think of getting us naked before abs and core work. This is a real thing and you should try it sometime; the band of your shorts or sweats can dig into your skin as you’re trying to do any kind of sit-up or crunch exercise, but pull your shorts down a little bit and you can avoid that discomfort. Of course for my training session with Nathan it was “let’s go into the locker room, get naked, and finish with bodyweight exercises.”

One day I left my water bottle in the open gym area, and I asked him to go get it for me. He balked a bit, afraid someone might walk in and see him naked; I reminded him that we hadn’t seen anyone in the gym EVER since we got there. And then I threw a little bit of condescension into my voice (something that Rob had done to me once to get me to comply) and gave him a “come on man, we’re wasting time, grab my bottle.” And he quickly, timidly went naked into the gym area to do it. I was super casual about it, but making him fetch that bottle for me naked…fuck that got me hard. I doubt he noticed the correlation.

Anyway, basic nudity was all I’d really accomplished with him and I wasn’t sure how or in what direction to push things further with him. And then came that day that Nathan and I came back from the gym to catch Matt beating off. I was admittedly a bit shocked, and I think Nathan picked up on that, and decided that not hiding your j/o sessions must be something that was as weird as it felt to him at the time, because he got surprisingly vocal and confrontational, talking about how messed up it was.

Ok, I admit, I really turned the gaslight up with Nathan on this one. In this case, it was less about warming Nathan up to Matt’s masturbation habits and more about making sure Matt didn’t feel weird or guilty, because I wanted Matt to feel comfortable jacking off with me in the room.

So I turned to Nathan with a look of shock “Dude, what’s your problem?! He’s just stroking off. We all do it.”

Nathan looked a little bewildered. “But like…out in the open like that?”

“You mean our bedroom? Where do you jack off when you’re home?”

“…my bedroom?”

Matt nodded in his own defense. “Exactly. Where else am I supposed to do it?”

Nathan was flustered. “But…like he couldn’t…I mean we came home and…”

I put a hand on Nathan’s shoulder, and responded like I was talking to a confused five year old. “Look, we all get horny, and we all jack off. I do it in here all the time. It just happens that we walked in on Matt before you walked in on me. It’s gonna happen. It’s no big deal. Whoever it is, you just let ‘em finish in peace.”

“Hell,” Matt said, “you can join me if you want, I don’t give a fuck.”

And just like that, Nathan got this “I guess I’m an asshole” look on his face and apologized. Of course he wasn’t totally wrong, like maybe Matt could be doing this in the shower or the bathroom, or when we were all dead asleep. But like I said, I wanted the privilege of watching Matt stroke off again, and as you prolly already read in my last story, I got a lot more than that.

Anyway, to sort of underscore the “just be cool with it” of the situation, I told Matt he could finish if he wanted, and he did. I didn’t look that much at Nathan – I was more about watching the porn on our little TV and cracking jokes with Matt while surreptitiously watching him jack off. Matt and I spent a chunk of time talking about the different positions the girl and the guy on the screen were in. I was definitely getting hard and it was pretty obvious (I was in gym shorts) and Matt said something like “you wanna take care of that?” And I wasn’t sure I was ready to go that dirty, especially with Nathan potentially watching us, so I grinned and said something like “maybe next time.” Which is why he got me to join him in jerking off the next morning.

What I didn’t realize was that Nathan had been listening intently to our conversation, and from it he figured that Matt and I were super experienced sex studs, since we knew names and positions and stuff. The next morning we were in the gym, Nathan started peppering me with “girl questions.” It started with fairly innocent stuff – how to meet girls, how to take them out, what to say to them. I answered them honestly like they were the most normal questions in the World, and considering how sheltered Nathan was they were definitely questions he needed answers to. Then the questions started to get dirtier. When do you know it’s cool to kiss a girl? And how do you kiss her? And when do you have sex? HOW do you have sex? How do you make it feel good for her? For you? I kept answering his earnest questions, but his honest naivety was turning me on like crazy. I was doing a bench press for most of it and there’s no way he could miss that my shorts were tenting, but he never said anything about it. (He did ask me at one point if it was cool to ask these questions, and I said that it was cool, just “guy stuff,” but that we should probably keep all this between us.)

I’m sure you’ve experienced this yourself, but when you’re made to be horny for a long time your thoughts get dirtier and dirtier, and any fantasies rolling around in your head can get longer and more elaborate. Half of my attention was on my workout and Nathan’s questions, but the other half was formulating an “it would be so hot if I did this”-style plan, and contemplating whether or not I had the balls to actually do it. And then everything kind of aligned – we finished our floor workout, and Nathan was starting to ask me about specific positions, and I was like “fuck it, I’m too horny not to do this.”

In response to his questions about positions, I asked (sounding a little surprised), “have you never seen porn? Two people fucking? Ever?”

He shrugged, and looked embarrassed. “My friend showed me this porn magazine once, with this guy and girl in all kinds of positions, but they weren’t moving and it was hard to know everything they were doing…exactly.”

I sighed, like I was annoyed by him and about to do something really major for him. “Come on, let’s go to the locker room. I’ll explain some stuff. But you can’t tell ANYONE I did this for you.” That “can’t tell anyone I did this for you” thing is a useful trick I’ve used a lot since – it’s a great way of making a dude feel like he’s asking you for a favor in indulging his curiosity, and not only will he be more receptive to whatever you wanna do with him but he’s more likely to feel like he “owes you” for it.

So of course he followed me in, and I got naked, and so did he, because by now he was used to this being our time for naked bodyweight exercise. When we were both naked I grabbed my raging erection and I said, “ok, watch me carefully because I don’t know if I’ll do this for you again.” And I got on all fours on the changing bench and began humping my cock into the grip of my hand, basically jacking off for him as I explained, “this is your basic missionary position…”

He looked really uncomfortable. “You…you don’t have to…”

I looked him dead in the eye. “Do you have any clue how to fuck a girl?”


“Do you know anybody that’s nice enough to show you how?”

“No.” He looked like he felt pretty bad.

“So am I doing you a huge favor by showing you how to not embarrass yourself when you finally get with a girl?”


“Yes, I am. So say ‘thank you. Thank you Mark, for showing me how to fuck a girl.” He mumbled a thank you, and I shook my head. “Nu-uh. I wanna hear the whole thing.”

He turned even redder than he was before. “Thank you Mark, for showing me how to fuck a girl.”

And I did. For a good 20 minutes or so I ran through a solid 20 or so different positions and pointed out how they could be used to make a girl feel good, and this’ll feel great for you when you fuck her, and oh by the way this is great for jacking off too, and he watched me in rapt attention, taking mental notes. I glanced at his dick every once in a while, hoping it would get hard. It didn’t.

Finally I got into…I think it was supposed to be a spooning position, lying on my side on the bench and facing him, describing entering a girl from behind as I humped my dick toward him, and without any warning I came. It was a massive load, and he didn’t have any time to decide he wasn’t ready to see it so he just watched wide-eyed as my dick spewed cum on the bench, on the floor, and a bit on his foot.

I glanced at his dick, and it was lengthening just a bit; I was surprised he wasn’t fully hard. Oh well. After a couple of gasps and pants of recovery, I grinned at him and said something about it being a pretty good workout, and he smiled back at me like what I’d just done and what he just watched was the most natural thing in the World. Then I used my old shirt to pop up the puddle of cum, and we had our regular shower.

He didn’t ask me anything sexual for a couple days, and I wasn’t about to push things – I’d already made him cross one boundary with him and I didn’t want to take the risk that any sense of “this is weird” would override his naive trust in me and my fun would end. Then one morning out of nowhere he surprised me.

“Hey, can I ask you something?”

“Yeah, of course.”

“You and Matt…your uh…your dicks…are they…normal?”

Raised eyebrow. “What do you mean normal?”

“Like that’s how big dicks get?”

I shrugged. “We might be a little above average, not much. Why?”

“…nothing. Nothing, it’s stupid.”

What was I doing? Something with dumbbells where he was behind me. I just remember I dropped them and turned to look at him. “Are you worried about your dick?”

He looked away. “It’s stupid.”

“Take it out.”

“Nah, it’s okay…”

“Nathan, look at me.” He looked me in the eyes. “Do you trust me?”


“Pull our your dick.”

We were in the main room, not the locker room, and I wondered if he’d do it. He did. He pulled down his shorts and underwear and turned away, like if he didn’t see that I was scrutinizing his cock it wasn’t happening. I looked at it carefully, like I hadn’t memorized it over the last couple weeks, and shrugged. “I mean it’s a little small, but that doesn’t mean much. Get it hard.”

He swallowed, glanced at the door to confirm that no one was coming in (and of course no one was coming in) and he started pulling on it. I had a serious, thoughtful look on my face, but in my head I was screaming. “HE’S JACKING HIS DICK BECAUSE I TOLD HIM TO, I FUCKING OWN HIS ASS.”

But after a while, it became clear he couldn’t get hard. He apologized, looking flustered. “It’s alright,” I said, like a doctor walking a patient through a really weird physical, “I’m guessing you jacked off this morning?”

He shook his head. “I haven’t jacked off since I left home.”

I was kinda shocked by that. “You’ve been holding in a load for like a month now?”

He shrugged. “I didn’t feel right jacking in the dorm yet.”

“Do you usually have trouble getting hard?”

“No, I…I think it’s because you’re watching.”

“You haven’t come in a month and you can’t get hard in front of someone? That’s not a good sign. How are you gonna stay hard for a girl?”

Nathan’s stricken face when I said that made me suddenly feel like the biggest piece of shit ever. I realized that I’d tapped into what was probably his most basic fears about his inexperience and virginity and I totally confirmed them. Suddenly my alpha side all but disappeared and I just wanted to re-seal the can of worms I’d just opened. And Nathan looked like he was legitimately gonna cry.

“Hey, look at me,” I said with a little authority, like I was a coach about to buck up a player after a shitty game. He barely looked me in the eye again. “You’re not the first guy to have trouble getting hard when it’s time for action. I’m gonna help you figure this out.”


“Hey…am I gonna help you figure this out?”

He nodded.

“Am I gonna make sure you can get hard when you have your first time with a girl?”

He nodded.

“Am I gonna turn you into a sex stud that makes every girl you’re with scream your name?” And I did a little “Nathan, Nathan, Nathan,” chant, and I finally got a smile out of him.

In hindsight, I’m quite proud of what I came up with, and how quickly I did it. After a few seconds, I said “what do you usually think about when you want to jack off?”

He shrugged. “Sometimes I think about that porn magazine my friend showed me I guess.”

“Ok, I want you to go into the locker room, and take off your clothes, and lay down on the bench. Think about that magazine. When you’re good and hard, you call me and I’ll come in.”

I kinda wondered if he’d object to any of this, but I guess we were both past the place where he was gonna question me. He took a deep breath and walked into the locker room, and I went back to lifting and tried not to think about this whole situation that I was really guessing my way through. What would I do if he still
couldn’t get an erection? Would he be too nervous to get hard?

Answer: no. It took maybe five minutes before he called me from the locker room. “Ok, I’m ready.”

I turned the corner into the locker room to see Nathan naked, laying on the bench, his clothes on the floor, grasping a throbbing hardon, and looking up at me for approval. Fuck, that eager look on his face, like “did I do a good job for you?…” I’m hard again, typing this.

I smiled. “Hey look, see? You did it. And it’s a nice sized dick too. About average, but trust me, girls hate huge cocks. You’re gonna make plenty of girls happy with that guy.” And he smiled broadly at me, and then reached down to grab his underwear.

“Just a second,” I said. “We’re not done. You’re gonna jerk off now.”

“Really? Why?”

“Because it’s been like a month and you definitely need to. But also because you need to be able to perform with someone else in the room right? If you can stay hard and jack off with me watching you, then you can stay hard and fuck a girl.”

He turned red, and looked away. “It’s okay, I don’t need to…”

“Nathan, look at me.” He looked back at me. “You’re not leaving this room until you come for me. Do you understand?”

He swallowed hard. “It feels weird doing it in front of you.”

I nodded. “So close your eyes and pretend I’m not here. You’re home, and safe, and reading that porn magazine, and jerking off.” And he took a deep breath, shut his eyes, and began stroking himself off as I watched him. It didn’t take him long – maybe three minutes? His breath became raspy, and he began making this half-moan / half-cry kind of sound that made my knees weak, and he finally blew the biggest load I’d ever seen all over himself – the first shot hit his face, the rest coated his chest and abs and finally drizzled onto his legs.

The hardest thing I ever had to do was not pull out my own cock and take care of it while he did. Fuck that was amazing. But I kind of sensed that jerking off with him would break the illusion that this was all about helping him learn to stay hard, and he needed that illusion. Also alpha-me definitely got off on making him masturbate for me while I stayed clothed, like he was my property and I could demand he debase himself for me at any time, and I kinda felt like on some level he liked it too, like letting go and letting me tell him what to do felt good.

Over the next few months Matt and I made it our personal mission to turn Nathan into a real live boy. Working out with me gave him a lot more muscle, which made him more appealing to girls, and we got him to at least try talking to them, which was a huge step. And I got him to try out for our shitty college basketball team, and of course he got on because he was tall and had some muscle now, and the rest you can teach. (Granted, I did that to get him out of our dorm more, so that I could have more alone time with Matt.) And Matt had already been looking to pledge a frat and got Nathan to join him, so they began bonding over that and between becoming friends with Matt and going to frat parties he was quickly shedding his previously awkward persona.

So I’ll leave it to you to decide why because I honestly wonder about it sometimes, but from that day on, every gym day was exactly the same: we would lift together, then move to the locker room where he would get naked and lay on the bench and masturbate for me while I watched, fully clothed, then take a shower together and go to our classes like everything was normal. At first he needed the crutch of shutting his eyes, but as time went on and he got used to me being there and watching him he got over the awkwardness of my presence, and then eventually he started smiling up at me while he jacked his cock, like “aren’t you proud of me?” and he’d only stop looking at me when he needed to concentrate to come. Obviously he felt comfortable enough “performing” in front of me that we both knew he could stay hard for any girl, but for some reason he didn’t want to stop and I didn’t want him to stop. So it went on like that, for months, him getting off on…performing for me, I guess?…and me honestly kind of in agony because every time it happened I’d have to wait until I was alone to finally jack off to it.

Then came the day that Matt and Nathan walked in on me and Gil and Becca. You know that story, so I won’t rehash it. I do remember wondering as I answered Matt and Nathan’s questions if them catching me with a dude had popped the bubble on this weird thing Nathan and I had going on. Like, would realizing that I was doing gay stuff with guys force him to really think about what we were doing (what he was doing, actually), realize that it was super homo and I was getting off on it, and make him never wanna do it again? Apparently not. Not only was Nathan eager as ever to go to the gym with me but the moment we were alone he peppered me with questions that were clearly a lot more pointed than he was comfortable asking in front of Matt. What was it like having a dick in your mouth? Was Gil good at sucking dick? Was I? He wanted such specific details – the exact positions that we were in, and exactly what my tongue did to Gil’s cock and his to mine. I think it was literally all we talked about the entire time we were in the gym. And with every question I got more and more turned on, wondering if Nathan was just being REALLY curious or if this was a prelude to something.

As usual, we finished in the locker room and Nathan wasted no time shucking his clothes, he was already rock hard, even leaking a little, maybe from our conversation, and he went to town on himself. But I noticed that he wasn’t looking up at me like he usually did. He was looking straight ahead. No, he was looking at my crotch. He was looking at my crotch and masturbating furiously.

I closed the distance between us a bit and his jerking slowed. He looked up at me, wondering what was happening. “Do you want to see it?” I asked. He didn’t respond, just kept stroking, and I wondered what was going through his head. But I think we both knew he’d never refuse anything I told him to do, and we both knew what I was about to tell him to do.

“Take it out,” I said. He looked up at me, and I gave him a “you’re going to do what I want now” kinda look. And while he kept stroking his dick with his right hand, he reached into my shorts with his left, grasped my throbbing dick, and pulled it out, staring at it intently. He gripped it hard and stroked it toward him, and a bead of precum formed on the head.

“Lick it.” It was more than I thought he was ready for, but I was so turned on I couldn’t stop myself. He hesitated, and I wondered for a second if he’d refuse. Then he leaned forward, still jerking himself, opened his mouth, and let his tongue slowly lick the precum off the tip of my dick. I gasped and shuddered, my cock so fucking grateful for being allowed to be part of this activity finally. I think that made Nathan look up, and he searched my face with a look that kinda said “what should I do now?” But we both knew the answer. He’d already gone this far. He might as well finish.

Nathan proved to be a pretty talented cocksucker. A lot of that had to do with his following my every command dutifully and carefully, first to lick the underside of the head and get to know where my nerves were, then to carefully slide his lips and tongue down my shaft. It was clear he was eager to be really, really, really good at this in an effort to make me happy. For my part I was just so fucking turned on by the whole experience that he probably could have been terrible at it and I woulda still gotten off, honestly. As it was neither of us lasted very long – first he started gasping and crying in that way he did when he was ready to come and that turned me on so hard that by the time he’d finished ejaculating onto his torso I was ready to shoot, and I told him to jerk me off so our cum mixed on his body, which he did. And he looked up at me with that “did I do good?” smile, and yeah, fuck, he did good. And then, like usual, we took a shower and went to class and pretended it never happened.

I honestly never figured out exactly what Nathan wanted and why he wanted it. He would always at least jerk off for me, but I’d say about a third of the time he’d also pull out my dick and want to suck me off. He got very good at figuring out exactly where to lick and stroke and suck me to force me into a mind-shattering orgasm. Sometimes I’d try other things with him, and he would always comply – I sucked him off a couple times, and I fingered his ass once while he jerked himself – but it never seemed like something he wanted and he never asked for it on his own. Eventually I stopped trying. Why question a good thing? The one thing I stopped doing was holding back from taking care of myself – if he didn’t want to suck me off then I’d at least pull out my dick and crank a load onto his chest. And he was totally down for that.

He eventually got a girlfriend (he was so proud of his first time with her too) and got into that frat with Matt, and became the fairly-popular-if-kinda-quirky-dude that Matt and I hoped. Outside the locker room we were just friends, and we both knew instinctively never to even talk about it out loud with each other, let alone anyone else, ever, and if you knew us you’d never have a clue that it was happening. But six mornings a week, until the end of our freshman year, Nathan and I looked forward to him getting us both off.


Ok, man, glad I got that off my chest. There’s a little more to this story but it gets kinda complicated. I may finish it. Or I may tell another one. There’s a lot to pick from. We’ll see.