Nominate here for r/MassiveCock’s best of 2019

#This year and decade are about to end. It’s up to you, our community to decide the best cocks of 2019^and ^the ^decade

**The rules are simple**: down below there are comments, one for each category.
This year around we have categories.
You can nominate yourself or someone else.
Nominations can only be posts made in r/massivecock during 2019. **No direct image links**.
You can nominate by commenting a post link. (User must be a poster on /r/MassiveCock, and the post must have been made on this sub.)

Without further ado, here are the categories.

* The Tyrion Lannister: This category is for that beer can thick cock (which might be not-so-long), that succulent schlong that can dislocate even the most experienced thrussy.

* The infinity guantlet: This award is for the cock that brings havoc and wreckage to wherever it lands. Yes, its for that veiny, big-headed **behemoth** that could hurt you for a lifetime.

* Robbie Rotten award: This category is for that long-time poster that has kept you dreaming of his cock for a long time. That consistent poster who keeps on delivering amazing pictures for our sub. The one that wil always be **number one** on your heart (or your ass).

* Area 51 cock: Weird birth marks? strange proportions? MASSIVE none the less, and you love it.

* Bolsonaro: The nicest cock with a clean cut rainforest (u/kendanee’s special).

Moderation team will pick between 3 and 5 nominees from each category and make a voting post for the contest.

You can submit verified or unverified users. If an unverified user is nominated, moderation team will ask for his verification, if the user can’t provide in a timely manner, will be excluded from the contest.

##Happy holidays!

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