We’ve noticed in recent months that the url/links for a lot of the video posts have gone from the standard on gfycat and imgur to Pornhub, XTube etc. These sites are fine to post videos from. However there has been a recent spike in video posts to other sites which I myself have noted have embeded viruses and pop-ups that attempt to hijack the browser/phone/desktop. We will be paying close attention to videos that require a “click-through” or “tap-through” to view. If the site you are using to share video attempts to hijack one of our (the mods) browsers/app/etc, you will be banned.

TLDR; If you’re going to share a video, use a well-known site. GYFCAT, IMGUR, are the best because they do not require a click/tap through to view them, they load directly here within the community. Most other sites have to be tapped/clicked to see the video.

As much of a pain in the ass as this may be for some of you, it’s for the benefit and safety of our audience here.

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