Not sure where else to share this. Sorry for the wall of text, I’m on mobile right now.

I’m a straight guy, but have been curious for a while now. Every once in a while I get really horny and decide to check some hookup sites. I usually don’t end up responding to anyone, but lately I’ve been chatting with a few guys. Anyways this guy messages me on one site and we complement each other’s pics. He asks me if I’ve ever been with a guy, I say no. I tell him I’m looking to just jerk off with another guy, not even necessarily each other. He’s interested and I admit he looks good. We decide to meet and he mentions the possibility of doing more like making out, sucking etc. I’m upfront saying I don’t really want any of that, except maybe making out. He’s cool with it and we meet. Neither of us had a lot of time which I figured is good if I decide I’m not into it.

We meet at a vacant house he knows about and I’m freaking out the entire drive there. After the introductions he asks me if I’d like to go upstairs and get started, I say yes. He starts walking toward me which I thought was him showing me the way, but he was trying to come in for a kiss. When I realized i tried laughing it off a bit and we tried again. We made out hard and I was the hottest thing I’ve done up to that point. It was my first time touching a guy in any sexual way. We pressed our bodies together and he moved his hands to my back. I followed his lead and move one hand to his back and another to his side. I’m so turned on I start moaning and he moves my hand to his crotch. All I could say was fuck, because that dick was thick. He starts rubbing me through my jeans and then stops and leads my upstairs.

Because the place is vacant, there’s no furniture at all so we stand in a hall out of view from the windows. We make out some more and he unbuttons his pants, showing me his bulge in his underwear. We keep going, moving our hands over each other. I undo my belt and fumble with the button of my jeans because my hands are shaking. Fortunately he helps me out and opens them up for me. He slips my dick out and starts playing with it while he starts stroking his. We keep making out and he move down to suck on my nipple, driving me crazy. He starts moving down my belly and I can tell he’s making his way to my cock so I stop him because I’m not ready for that.

At this point I’m starting to realize what I’m doing and kinda freak out a little. He steps away from me a bit and I see a line of precum from my dick on his hand. We look at each other for a few seconds then go back to kissing and stroking our cocks. Starting around this point I’m getting really into it and honestly it starts to feel like a blur. He strokes our cocks together and I take off my shirt. He starts feeling my ass cheeks and balls and taint. I decide to unbutton his shirt to see his body. He’s got a nice body and I take a moment to just feel it in my hands. I try licking his nipple some and made him moan.

He starts running out of time now so we stroke ourselves hard. Looking at him with our cocks out turned my on so much I whispered in his ear asking him to suck me. He starts and I can’t believe what is happening. It felt so good and I was hornier than I had ever been. He sucks me a little and moves back to stroking me. He’s checking his watch so I know we getting close to the end. I take his cock and stroke it. It felt so good and warm. It was hard but still felt soft. I just stared at it and then back up at him and start moving to my knees. I’m pretty sure that surprised him. He encourages me to suck him and I start by just licking his head. The thing was so thick I wasn’t sure I could actually fit it in my mouth. I managed to though and for the first time had a dick in my mouth. And I liked it. His head felt so smooth and it tasted good. I wanted to taste his ball too and give them a quick suck. Those tasted even better and smelled clean, but musky. I was loving it the whole time. I stand up to kiss him some more and he asks me if I’m close, he’s running out of time. I’m not there yet, but take it as my cue to make him cum. For whatever reason I decide I want him to cum in my mouth and get back to sucking him. He’s moaning and tells me he’s getting close. I start sucking harder and he warns me he’s about to cum. I keep going, which surprises him. He asks me I I want his cum and I moan yes. I suck until I feel his cock harden and he starts spurting cum in my mouth and moaning loud. I swallow it all and he laughs a little saying he didn’t see that coming. He strokes and sucks my some more, but I’m having a hard time getting off. I’m still hard and it felt amazing, but I think nerves got the best of me. We finish up and he apologizes that I didn’t come. He then tells me there’s definitely another time to make that happen. I leave and try to process what just happened.